Common Home Modifications We Work With

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Common Modifications We Work With

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There are certain situations that call for custom home modifications. When you or your loved one is living with a disability, there are a number of challenges in daily activities, like getting from one room to another, using the bathroom, and ascending the stairs. Fortunately, Specialized Home Care Services in Indiana strives to provide a broad range of products that’ll make your daily life easier and more manageable.

We can help you find affordable home modifications. In fact, we also provide a number of unique goods for medical purposes that aren’t normally covered by insurance. We are proud to offer ADA home modifications and will even customize them to fit your specific needs. We’ve outlined some of the common modifications we work with below. If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Many accidents and injuries that happen in the home take place in the bathroom. We offer walk-in tubs that are extra deep, so you can enjoy a full-body soak without a struggle. Another worthwhile home modification for your bathroom is a set of grab bars, which are installed with wood backing to ensure safety. We also provide roll-in showers, which are free of barriers to make your experience much easier.

Another important type of home modification is for entering, exiting, and transitioning between rooms. We offer various options for ramps, automated entry, stairlifts, and more. Some other unique options include door widening, vertical platform lifts, accessible remodeling, and more. We’re confident that we can assist with your home modification needs and would be happy to provide customizations if necessary.

Contact us today to arrange for your ADA home modifications. Specialized Home Care Services proudly serves all of Indiana. Our staff has a medical background and will complete the work on your home with special consideration to your specific needs.


We provide ramps with a variety of building materials. All ramps are build to ADA guidelines. This includes 1:12 slope ratio; at least 36" wide; non skid material on the slope portion and continuous graspable handrails.


grab bars

Grab Bars and Handrails

Our grab bars are installed with wood backing to ensure safety. We offer several sizes and styles to fit your needs.

Automated Entry

We install automatic door openers for any doors in the home.  This includes garage doors, exterior doors and interior doors.

Door opener


Accessible Remodeling

ADA is not One Size Fits All.  We do not take that approach when we meet with our clients. Each home modification is as unique as the client.

Walk in Tubs

We install Best Bath Walk-in Tubs. They are extra deep for a full body soak. It also carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Walk in Tubs

Roll in Showers
Roll in showers

Roll in Showers

We exclusively installBest Bath barrier free showers. We consider them the gold standard in accessibility and safety for your bathroom. Unlike most shower walls, these walls are wood-backed so grab bars can be placed anywhere in the shower.

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL)

Our VPL team is proficient at working with our clients to determine if a VPL is the best choice when a ramp is not possible.  Our VPL’s offer a safe solution to transporting a client in a wheelchair or scooter to a different level of the home.

Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Curved stairlifts
Straight stairlift

Stairlifts - Straight & Curved

Our stairlifts are similar to the vertical platform lift.  The main difference is the stairlift offers a safe way to get around different levels of the home for clients that do not need to transfer in their wheelchair or scooter.

Door Widening

We widen doors and doorways many different ways and sizes.  We are accustomed to widening exterior and interior doors.  Sometimes the use of offset hinges will give that extra few inches needed for a client to maneuver safely through the door.

Door Widening

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